5 Ways a Boudoir Session Can Boost Your Confidence

Boudoir Sessions Can Really Boost Your Confidence

Women are expected to do it all these days. Some of you are juggling between being a mom, working, taking care of your love life, and managing your house. All of these things have a way of leaving no time for yourself if you’re not careful. You know the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”? That saying is so true! It’s amazing how much a boudoir session can help build self-confidence and “refill your cup”. We really believe that all women are beautiful on the inside, but there is something really special about bringing out the physical beauty from the women we shoot.

1.Boost Your Confidence in how you see yourself

We cannot tell you the amount of women who were very hesitant to book a boudoir session because they’re self-conscience about the way their bodies look. We’ve had women who think they have to lose weight before their session and women who didn’t think they were curvy enough to come in and have photos taken.

If you’re self-conscience about anything about your body, we’ve heard it. We promise that you’re not the only one! No matter what you do, your body is always changing and we know it sounds backwards but, honestly, the women who are most insecure about how their bodies look are the ones who appreciate having their own sessions even more.If you fall into this category and you’ve been using the fact that your body isn’t where you think it should be as a reason not to book your session, then let us tell you that you need to just push through and set it up.

If you fall into this category and you’ve been using the fact that your body isn’t where you think it should be as a reason not to book your session, let us tell you that you need to just push through and set it up.

We are very competitive and there is nothing more exciting than showing a woman who believes that she’s not photogenic or won’t look sexy in photos that she’s wrong, and help her walk out feeling like she’s a super model!

We can’t count the number of times a woman has looked at her images and said, “This is such a confidence boost! I was so self-conscious about (insert insecurity here), but I look amazing!!”

Some women even say, “I”m so glad that I did this shoot. I’m really comfortable with my body, but seeing myself like this is just a huge confidence boost! I look sooooo good!!”

Just check out Mrs. J’s testimonial below. She’s 40, has had 2 kids, and was super self-conscious about her stomach. She’s still feeling sexy even months after her session!

2.Boost your Confidence In Your Love Life

We’ve been married for 15 years so we know the importance of a healthy relationship and love life. The most obvious confidence boost that most women associate with boudoir photos is in the love life category. Having sexy images taken and gifting them can really spice up your relationships! Sometimes being in a relationship for so long can lead to things becoming so routine that there are no more surprises.

Not only can boudoir photos be a great gift to surprise the hell out of your better half, they can ignite some hidden confidence that will fire things up in your relationship. If you already have an abundance of confidence and have a steamy sex life, then a boudoir photo session can add fuel to the fire and compliment your already healthy love life.

3.Boost your Confidence In Owning Who You Are.

This one kind of goes along with boosting your confidence in how you see yourself. Owning and loving who you are as a woman is so important! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of constantly comparing yourself to other women and tearing yourself apart.

A great boudoir photographer will help you see how amazing you already look. We get so many women who look at their photos and say “I can’t believe that’s me.”

Here’s the thing. All women have rolls, cellulite, and imperfections -even the amazing women you can see on our website. While the women on our site do look like supermodels, most of them have never been in front of a camera.

You have to understand that they look perfect because we know how to pose women in ways that flatter their bodies. We also have amazing hair and makeup artists who work to make sure that every woman we shoot looks flawless.

None of these women look like this in their normal day-to-day life. You can see in some of the transformations that these women already look amazing. Boudoir sessions just bring out their sexy side!

The images you get from a boudoir session should boost your confidence and encourage you to own who you are as a woman. Don’t be surprised when that confidence starts transferring to other parts of your life as well.

4.Boost Your Confidence After A Divorce/Breakup.

Big life changes can include a ton of different things. Are you just getting over a divorce or a big breakup? It doesn’t matter if the separation was smooth and peaceful or not. Going through a divorce or breakup can definitely have a big effect on your life and sometimes even your confidence as a woman.

The last thing you may be thinking about after going through a breakup is dressing up and having sexy images taken. Like what’s the point if you have no one to give them to?!!

That’s the interesting thing about boudoir photography, most of the time, these sessions end up being more for you than they are for anyone else. In the case when you just want to reclaim your body, boudoir sessions seriously have a crazy way of helping with that and boosting your confidence to the moon!!

5.That New Mom Confidence Boost.

This kinda goes along with several other reasons we’ve already mentioned above but with all of the changes that come with having a new baby, your body is going through so much.

It’s so amazing that your body just grew (or is still growing) a human being. That’s FREAKING AMAZING!! Along with your new baby and “new body”, you’re naturally going to go into mommy mode. It’s easy to get lost in being a mom and forget who you are as a woman.

A boudoir session can really boost your confidence and remind you how important it is to not lose your own identity outside of being a new mother.

Are you ready to boost your confidence?

Whatever has you interested in your own boudoir session, we hope you’re ready for all the confidence that comes along with it. We know that suggesting to get sexy images taken when you don’t feel 100% confident sounds counterintuitive, but trust us when we say it’s probably exactly what you need! Are you ready to boost your confidence? Take the next step by getting in touch with us below. We can’t wait to hear from you!!

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