Boudoir Outfit ideas for your photo session

Perfect outfits for your boudoir session

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Boudoir outfit ideas for your photo session don’t have to be a big hassle! All you have to do is focus on finding items that show off what you love about yourself, not hide what you don’t love! Hopefully, this list of boudoir outfit ideas will inspire a few ideas for your own session and help you feel more prepared

22 Boudoir Outfit ideas for your photo session

None of your images are ever shared without your permission. When you’re ready to book your session, we will send you a Session Agreement that simply and clearly lays out privacy policies and expectations. We’ve included a portion of that section below. We take your privacy very seriously and would never share your photos if you asked us not to.

01. Robe

A robe is such a versatile boudoir outfit. No matter what your comfort level is, a robe can cover or reveal as much as you’d like. We ask each of our clients to bring a robe. We like to have you change into your robe so that you can wear this during hair & makeup. This way your body has time to get rid of any red marks or indentions that may have been created during your drive over.

02. Oversized Sweater

If you’re not a big fan of wearing lingerie for your boudoir session, an oversized sweater is a great outfit idea. Comfy, casual, and cozy may not be where your mind goes when thinking about a boudoir photo shoot, but you more than likely have an amazing sweater already in your closet. Our shooting style makes it easy for a super cozy, oversized sweater to photograph just as sexy as the skimpiest lingerie set. It’s a perfect casual, relaxed, girl-next-door vibe.

03. Bra & Panties

This may be the easiest, most obvious boudoir outfit suggestion, but classics are classics for a reason, right? When it comes to bras, the most important thing is that you have the proper size and you feel great. A little bonus tip: If you are a B cup or smaller, find a bra that has lace around the top of the cup. It can make you look a whole cup size bigger in photos.

04. Button-Up Shirt

One of the most underrated boudoir outfits is the trusty button-up shirt! The shirt can be fitted or oversized. Like the oversized sweater, this outfit is one we will sometimes start with because it allows you to stay a little covered up during the beginning of the session. Once you get more comfortable, you can start revealing a little more. You’ve probably come across a movie scene where some adorable woman wakes up, slips on her man’s button-up shirt, and looks even more adorable. We love making it look like the ladies we shoot with aren’t trying too hard. The button-up shirt is a great boudoir outfit idea to pull off the “I woke up like this” vibe.


Fishnets are classic, come in so many styles, and they look amazing on everyone.

06. Cocktail Dress

We love to start photoshoots in a cocktail dress because it can tell a story of the first part of the date. When the page turns and you are unzipping or sliding it off it is a beautiful suggestion for what we can expect in the next few pages! It is also great to ease into the shoot if the idea of shooting in lingerie still intimidates you (which it does for most!)

07. Corset

Corsets have a way of accentuating all the right areas and making you appear slimmer. With today’s fashion corsets, they don’t have to be uncomfortable. If you are smaller than a C cup, be sure to grab a corset with built-in support so you don’t look flat-chested.

08. Crop Top

Remember when we said that lingerie is not the only thing that can be sexy? The crop top can do wonders for your shape and it can be very suggestive! The options for crop tops are almost endless. They can be loose, tight, cut out in the back, and in various lengths. We love crop tops.

09. Heels

High heels extend the length of your legs and tone up your calves. They can help your posture and add an extra layer of sex appeal to almost any outfit. Even if you want to keep your session casual, we still recommend bringing at least one pair of heels.

10. Jeans

We know you have a favorite pair of jeans in your closet. A pair that makes you feel like you can take on the world. Jeans with a bra and heels can be just as sexy as a set of lingerie. You can easily slip on and off your jeans for a more suggestive vibe.

11. Bodysuit

Bodysuits, also known as “leotards” and sometimes referred to as a “teddy”, are similar to a one-piece bathing suit. Bodysuits are by far one of our favorite boudoir outfits. You can find them in every style specific for your style of boudoir shoot. Bodysuits can bring out a sassy vibe, classy vibe, romantic vibe, or a seductively sexy vibe. Bodysuits will help elongate your legs as the V shape gives the illusion of a longer and leaner tone, and is a helpful trick to hide your tummy.

12. T-shirt

A t-shirt is another simple boudoir outfit that you probably already have. It can be fitted or oversized. You can wear a lightweight t-shirt and no bra for a casual, sexy vibe. This can really lend itself to the carefree and comfy look we love to capture.

13. White Sheet

If you are comfortable with nudity or implied nudity, a simple white sheet can be a perfect boudoir outfit idea. Just you and a white sheet can be the ultimate “leave a little to the imagination.” You can appear completely naked while revealing less than most pictures in typical lingerie.

14. Jersey

Most jerseys are designed to be worn over pads and large men and nothing about them will flatter your curves. If some or all of your photos are a gift for hubby and you’re wanting to wear a jersey during your shoot, we suggest getting a fitted female version of the jersey or a t-shirt with the team’s logo. If you just HAVE to wear your partner’s jersey, we can certainly make it sexy!


If your glasses are a necessity or an accessory, they can bring out a sexy, nerdy vibe. Be sure to take a few with glasses and some without to get a variety of options.

16. Hoodie

Who doesn’t own a hoodie?! Let’s be honest, most of us live in a hoodie once the cold weather is here. Depending on how big or small they are, they’re so versatile and easy to play with so bring a few along to add some natural, cozy sexiness to your session.

17. Boots

Sexy boots can be a great accessory to complete a boudoir outfit. High leather or suede-heeled boots can definitely add extra personality and variety.

18. Hats

A hat can be a great outfit all on its own or you can use it to spice up one of your other boudoir outfits.

19. Nude

Nude shots can actually be more innocent and pure-looking than the photos where you are wearing lingerie. Being photographed nude can also be an empowering and exhilarating experience. If you’re considering a few nude shots during your session, be sure you know about the photographer’s privacy policy and how they will be keeping your photos safe

20. High-Waisted Panties

High-waisted panties are not your grandma’s panties anymore! This boudoir outfit can be a great way to give your boudoir shoot a unique and possibly vintage look. High-waisted panties are also very flattering.

21. Favorite Tank Top

We love shooting women in just tank tops!  Wearing just a slightly fitted, white tank top and no bra that allows just a little bit to show through, and a sexy pair of panties makes for an amazing shot. 


Kimonos are extremely versatile and a great option for all body types! You can wear this boudoir outfit over a cute lacy bra and a pair of panties. Kimonos are also great if you’d like to try some nude or implied nude shots of yourself during your boudoir session.

Don’t Overthink Your Boudoir Outfits!

Try to shut down your fears and stop overthinking. As long as you show up prepared, it’s going to be AMAZING! If you love our style of photography and you bring boudoir outfits that match YOUR STYLE, you will walk away with amazing images!