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Leave Your Groom Speechless With The Perfect Wedding Gift

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The Struggles Of Finding The Perfect Wedding Gift

Time Consuming

You already have a hundred things to do before your wedding. Searching endlessly trying to find the perfect wedding gift can be so time-consuming.

Everyone’s Watching

Your future husband’s opinion is the only opinion that really matters, but your bridesmaids and his groomsmen will all be wondering what gift you get him.

Buyers Remorse

The last thing you want to happen is to buy his wedding gift, deliver it, and then immediately regret your purchase before walking down the aisle

Will He Like It?

What if the watch you get him isn’t as big of a hit as you thought it would be? You don’t want to start your marriage off by being that wife who gave a bad gift.

We want to help you save time, set the standard for bridal gifts, be confident in your purchase, and leave your groom speechless!

The Perfect Gift

Your search for the perfect wedding gift is over! Bridal boudoir photography is the one gift that your groom can’t buy in stores!

Trend Setter

Don’t be surprised if after you let your bridesmaids know what you got for your soon to be husband, that they want to follow in your steps and get bridal boudoir photos of their own.

Luxury Albums

We offer luxury, custom boudoir albums, with the highest quality printing available. From smaller keepsakes to large breath-taking heirlooms.

Bragging Rights

We’ve been married for 14 years and love a little competition. Let’s be honest! The chances of him getting a gift better than your bridal boudoir album is pretty slim.

We know how vulnerable it Can feel to have intimate bridal boudoir photos taken. We Also understand the pressure that comes with finding the PERFECT WEDDING GIFT.

Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and at home. I felt like I had all the direction I needed. I imagined it being so awkward and instead, it was a blast. I would recommend you guys to absolutely anyone and you’ve inspired me to continue to change the way I see myself!”

– A Happy Bride

To anyone thinking about bridal boudoir photography as a gift – FREAKING GO FOR IT!! It’s a brilliant expression of love and a massive step towards self-discovery! She has no regrets. I have no regrets.”

– A Happy Groom

She is usually very shy about being too flashy or too sexy. Seeing her in that environment; so confident, so comfortable, so empowered; is such a cherished and touching experience for me.

– A Happy Groom

Start Your Marriage Off With A Bang

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Book A Free Consultation

At Speechless Boudoir, we know you’re the kind of bride who wants to give the best wedding gift possible. In order to deliver the most memorable wedding gift, you need to find something special and unexpected. Bridal boudoir photography could be the perfect option for you! The problem is you have no idea how to pose or be sexy in front of the camera which makes you feel like there’s no way your bridal boudoir photos will end up sexy enough to be a great wedding gift. We believe everyone deserves to feel sexy! We understand that having intimate bridal boudoir photos taken may not be something you do every day. That’s why we work alongside you every step of the way. Here’s how it works: you schedule your phone consultation, we guide you through your bridal boudoir photo session, and then you leave your groom speechless with the ultimate wedding gift! Schedule your phone consultation now so you can stop stressing about your wedding gift and start your marriage off with a bang!

The last thing he’s expecting is an album full of sexy boudoir photos of you!

Leave Your Groom Speechless

Your soon-to-be husband won the jackpot!
Don’t let him forget it!!

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