How To Keep Your Boudoir Session A Secret

Keeping Your Boudoir Session A Surprise

If you’ve decided to give boudoir photos as a gift, keeping it a secret until you reveal your surprise can be tricky! Luckily, we’ve been a part of multiple Boudoir surprises and have a few tips for you.

How To Hide The Money Trail

If you have your own bank account, it should be pretty easy to hide your boudoir investment but if you’re like us and share bank accounts, then hiding the money trail can be a little tricky. When it comes to hiding the money trail, you’re going to first want to make sure you understand how much boudoir photography cost. Once you know what you’ll be investing into your boudoir session, we’ve got a few ways you could keep your surprise purchases secret.

Use Cash Or A Gift Card

We never recommend lying to people for the sake of lying, but using cash or a gift card is an easy way to hide purchases. Most grocery stores also have a whole stand dedicated to gift cards. You can look for a Visa gift card and purchase it with cash or your debit card.

Most boudoir photographers will gladly except cash or have a way to accept payments via the Visa gift card.

If you share accounts like we do, then you’ll for sure have to explain the missing money from your account. Here are a few ideas that may work:

  • – A friend/family member needed to borrow some cash
  • – You got a better discount if you used cash to pay for “X”
  • – You wanted to get your friend/family member a Visa gift card for their Birthday/Christmas/Celebration

Create Separate Bank Accounts

For some simply started two separate bank accounts will work. If that is an option, hiding your money trail will be a piece of cake. If no one else can see your account they can’t see your purchases.

Create A Gift Account

We’ve decided to simply create a gift account. Through the year we just consistently add money to the account. We both agree to use the account only for gifts. We’ve set a few rules and guidelines but for the most part this is a no-questions-asked account.

Keeping Your Boudoir Outfits A Surprise

Hiding the money trail is just the beginning of this journey. We make sure to help guide you with boudoir wardrobe ideas, but trying on and planning your outfits can be tricky if the person you’re surprising lives in the same house.

Have A Fashion Show

We don’t know about you but sometimes you just need to clean out old clothes. This is a perfect excuse to have your partner be a part of picking outfits without them even knowing it!

You can just say “Hey, I’m thinking of getting rid of some clothes to make some room. I’m going to try on some stuff and you just let me know If there’s anything I should keep.”

If you’d rather pick out outfits yourself and someone happens to walk in on you, you can still use the excuse of cleaning out your closet. One of our 5 things to consider when choosing your wardrobe is to try on everything. You can check out all of the tips by clicking here.

Dry Cleaning

If some of the clothes you’d like to bring belong to your partner, it can also be tricky to sneak out. We’ve had clients say they wanted to test out a new dry cleaner and were able to sneak out the clothes without giving away the boudoir surprise.

Keeping Your Session Day A Surprise

On session day, you want to be sure to cover your bases so no one is suspicious. Here are a few ideas we’ve gathered from some of our past clients…

Girls Day

One of the most popular session day excuses we’ve heard is a girls’ day. Saying you’re going to be spending the day with the girls pretty much clears up your whole day. Not answering the phone if someone calls you will be completely understandable because you’re out hanging with your girls.

Hair & Makeup Trial

If your boudoir session is a wedding gift, it’s not uncommon to have hair and makeup trials before your wedding day. It’s another great understandable reason to not be able to answer your phone if anyone calls. Using the hair and makeup trial as a cover also explains why you may show up afterwards with your hair and makeup done. Some of clients even plan a date night after their session so that they can take advantage of having their hair and makeup all done.

Hiding Your Boudoir Products

We feel like hiding your boudoir products is the easiest part about keeping your boudoir session a surprise. It can be challenging, depending on your situation so here are a few ideas…

Leave Your Products With Us

You’d be surprised at how many products we’re keeping safe in our studio. It’s honestly kind of fun to be even more a part of the surprise this way.

We’ve actually had a few brides who were so bad at ruining surprises that they didn’t want to have any of their products until their actual wedding day. Sometimes we’d deliver their gift to them at their wedding venue, or their maid of honor or mom would stop by to pick up their products. It’s seriously so much fun to us!

We’ve even kept products for women who are celebrating anniversaries or big milestones. Some of them just knew they’d ruin all the hard work of keeping everything else a surprise so they ask us to keep them until they got closer to their surprise date.

Leave Your Products With a Friend

If you’re worried about someone accidentally finding the boudoir surprise you created for them, another great option is to leave it with a friend. Be sure you leave it with a friend whom you trust and is responsible. We’d hate for your surprise to be ruined because of a friend messing it up!

We’re Here To Help With Your Boudoir Surprise

If you’re trying to pull off a boudoir surprise for someone, we’ll do everything we can to help you pull it off. We love being a part of pulling off surprises and have done some fun things to keep sessions a secret! If you’re considering your own boudoir session, we’d love to make it happen for you. Take a second to contact us using the form below and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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