How To Prepare for A boudoir Session

Be prepared for your session.

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How to prepare for a boudoir session is a great question!

Now that you’ve booked your session, you may be wondering what you should do next. Preparing for your boudoir session doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact, getting everything ready for your session can be almost as fun as the session itself. We’ve shot our fair amount of boudoir sessions and want to share a few boudoir photography tips we find ourselves repeating to almost each of the women we photograph.

1. Plan Ahead

Schedule Your Appointments

Right after you booking your boudoir session with us, we recommend scheduling out all of your appointments. We’ve listed a few you may want to consider below:

1. Book your waxing for one week before your session
2. Book your haircut/color one week before your session if you want to be sure your roots and style are fresh.
3. Book your mani-pedi one or two days before your session. You don’t want to show up with chip nails so don’t schedule your mani-pedi too soon.
4. Book your spray tan one to two days prior to your session. Now if you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we’ve never been fans of spray tans. We’ve had more and more spray tan professionals reach out to us and educate us on the difference between a suntan city spray tan and a professional spray tan. We have a new spray tan guide we’re working on, but until then we highly recommend that if you’re going to get a spray tan, make sure that it is a spray tan from a professional!

2. Choosing Your Wardrobe

It’s All about You

We have a few boudoir photography tips you can check out here for choosing your boudoir outfits. To summarize that info, you want to start with these things when preparing for your boudoir session:

1. Check your closet for outfits first.
2. Try on all of your outfits. If you don’t love the outfit, don’t bring it!
3. Find inspiration for boudoir outfits. You can do a quick google search, look through Pinterest, or check out our list of boudoir outfit ideas we’ve put together by clicking here.
4. Are there any must have items you should bring for your session? Two things we always recommend bringing are a pair of fishnet stockings (the ones that go up all the way to your waist) and a lightweight robe.
5. Don’t stress about wardrobe. It’s easy to overthink and get too in your head about what to wear, but when it’s all said and done, we’ve been doing this for so long that you’re going to walk away with amazing images even if you decide to just bring an oversized hoodie.

3. body Maintenance

Pamper Yourself

We understand that body maintenance looks so different for each woman we shoot with. It would be impossible for us to tell you exactly what you personally need without knowing you. Below are a few things you may want to consider when preparing for a boudoir session

1. Be sure that you’re getting your beauty sleep. Photoshop will not be able to fix tired.
2. Use your boudoir session as a chance to go pamper yourself. Your hands and feet will be seen in most of your photos so head out a few days before your session to get a mani-pedi. You don’t want to overlook your fingers and toes.
3. Moisturize twice a day the week leading up to your session. Make sure that on the day of your session, you use a non-bronzer illuminizing lotion. Seriously, don’t use tinted lotions or anything with color!
4. To keep you and your skin hydrated, drink tons of water leading up to your session.
5. If you wax, we recommend doing it 3-5 days before your session in order to avoid any redness or bumps.
6. Shave your underarms, legs, and bikini line the morning of your session.
7. Unless you’re going to a professional, please don’t spray tan. You may not be able to see it with your naked eye, but our cameras will pick up the streaks and unevenness. With the moody way we shoot, you will end up looking much tanner in your photos than you expect. Also, instead of natural skin tones, some spray tans make your skin show up oompa loompa orange in your photos. Again, please trust us when we say not to spray tan. We don’t include fixing spray tans in our editing process.
8. Give your hair some love! Touch up those roots if you need to. Don’t try out a new haircut or color immediately before your session. Stick to the color that you know you love

4. The Day Of YOur Session

Be Prepared For Your Boudoir Session

1. Show up with a moisturized, clean, makeup-free face. Our makeup artist will take care of the rest.
2. Show up with your hair completely dry. Don’t use any hair products before arriving at your session. We want to avoid greasy or flaky hair.
3. Make sure you wear your baggiest, most comfortable clothes when you drive to your boudoir session. This will help avoid any marks or indentations from tight bras showing up in your images.
4. Plan ahead and show up on time! We want you to have fun and be relaxed during your session. There’s nothing like that horrible feeling of being rushed and running late.

We’ve worked for years to make sure that each one of our clients has the best experience possible. If your session is with us, or if you’re shooting with another photographer, these tips on how to prepare for your boudoir session are recommended to make sure that your shoot goes smoothly. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

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