Keeping your boudoir photos safe is our first priority

How we handle the safety of your photos

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Keeping your photos safe is a top priority! Being concerned about the safety of your photos is completely normal so we now include it in the frequently asked questions section of our site. Hopefully, this article will show you how seriously we take your privacy and keeping your photos safe. When you book your private session, you are in control of how your images are used. We will never use your images without your permission. EVER!

Who will see my images?

None of your images are ever shared without your permission. When you’re ready to book your session, we will send you a Session Agreement that simply and clearly lays out privacy policies and expectations. We’ve included a portion of that section below. We take your privacy very seriously and would never share your photos if you asked us not to.

THE CLIENT understands that the photos will not be shared, unless she gives Speechless Boudoir permission by signing a Model Release.

Will my online gallery get hacked?

If you haven’t heard yet, we do same day reveals. That’s right. We edit and have your photos ready the same day -a few hours after we finish shooting with you. That means you don’t have to worry about a hacker stealing your online photos because we never need to upload your photos to an online gallery. We review your photos in-person with you.

Who will be Printing my photos?

We always encourage getting actual prints of your boudoir photos. There is just something special about seeing and being able to hold your images. Don’t believe us? Check out this video from when one of our clients picked up and opened her album for the first time. When we send your album off to print, we only work with companies who take your privacy as seriously as us. We currently work with a print lab that specializes in printing boudoir albums. Could you imagine walking up to the clerk at CVS to print out your boudoir photos?

How Do you deliver digital images?

Once you’ve either selected your favorite images to be printed or you’ve decided to purchase digital images separately, we will deliver your images in-person on a USB drive. Once you have your digitals it will be up to you to keep them safe.

What if I would like to share my photos but maintain my privacy?

We have some women who love their boudoir photos so much that they are willing to allow us to use some to show other women how amazing the entire experience is. One way we can make sharing your images possible (while still maintaining your privacy) is by working with you to choose the more mysterious, anonymous images that keep your face private.

How do I select which photos can be shared?

During your photo reveal session, we will go through your images together, and once your favorite photos have been selected, we will ask you to sign a model release form. Below are the options you will be presented with.

Photo Privacy Options

If you do give us permission to share your images, we won’t tag you or use your name. We even make sure to rename your photos as an extra measure of privacy.  You would be surprised how many photographers leave clients’ names in the image title, making it easy for people to identify them. Also, you can see above that there is an option for us to not share any of your images. Honestly, if you end up not wanting your images to be used, we won’t be offended or think any less of you. Our biggest concern will always be your privacy. 

Take a second to watch this video from one of our clients below

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Why would you want to share my images?

This one is easy. More than likely, you’ve been going through our website looking for examples and testimonials to feel confident that we can deliver the photos and experience you’re looking for. All of the photos you see on our site have been used with permission. By giving us permission to share your images, you make it easy for other women who want to see what the experience will be like.

Do you have more questions about photo saftey?

If you have more questions about how we’re keeping your photos safe, please don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.

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